Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This Week, In a Post

This week, I'm at my parents house in a very picturesque small Ontario town, engaging in some self-care and allowing others to take care of me. So far, this looks like:
  • A massage!
  • Family time. Just being around my parents can be really soothing, although when my dad was being a total pill about Blue Jays tickets, I did have to hide. 
  • Two trips to Fabricland with my mom, to choose fabric for our futon cushions so I can hate the futon a little less
  • A solo venture to all the fancy-lady stores on the downtown strip, searching for maternity tights
  • Making fun of maternity clothes on the internet with my sister
  • Nightly chats with my husband, who I miss quite a lot
  • Lunch out with my mom and sister, where literally every dish was primarily cheese and it was v. delicious
  • Multiple baths in my parent's deep (and exceptionally clean) bathtub
  • Making quesadillas (filled with squash, chicken, green onions, kalamata olives and cheddar, and it was SO tasty and I feel like a chef genius)
  • Knitting my dad a non-itchy hat to replace the 100% Icelandic wool toque I made him several years ago, which is nice to look at but will literally make you feel insane, which he has rightly never worn
  • Chocolate, every day
  • Pinterest
  • Spoonflower
  • Listening to The Roots, Banks, and Joe Strummer
  • Not setting my alarm
  • Going to bed early
  • Sleeping in
  • Getting gifties for the baby, including a way-cute onesie and a vintage book about breastfeeding that featured photoillustrations of hairy dads cuddling their babies
  • A heating pad wedged between my shoulder blades
  • Walking away from the TV after an episode of Friends, because let's face it: those people were really mean to each other! All the time! 
  • Lying around in my towel for an hour after I take my morning shower, watching my stomach pulse with baby-kicks
  • Accepting that my feelings are my feelings and I don't have to fix them
  • Accepting that the next year or so is going to be very tough, and also very rewarding, and also very different from this year, and that it's okay to be excited and freaked out
  • Setting a to-do list, and then being okay when I don't get through it
  • Did I mention the baths already?
  • Washing my previously unwashed and horribly filthy Icelandic sweater (my version of this process involved swirling it around in the machine using a croquet mallet, which isn't really S.O.P. but was my favourite part)
  • Reading the Far Side in bed
  • Feeling really good about my outfits
Image via Emilie Fountaine

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