Friday, September 11, 2015

Our New House

Our new house is the ground floor of a three-story house in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Our new house has, depending on how you're looking at it, three bedrooms, or two bedrooms and a TV room, or one bedroom and a TV room and an office.

Our new house has no upper cabinets in the kitchen, and only a corner hutch for storage, but it does have a great big window for looking out when we wash dishes.

Our new house has a gas stove, which makes the rest of the house smell like gas, which is disconcerting.

Our new house has the world's teeniest bathtub, and I have smacked my elbows at least once during every shower.

Our new house has hardwood floors, which is just terrific after three years of carpeting that only be described as "nightmarish."

Our new house is not above a noisy bar. THANK GOD.

Our new house is on a residential street, one or two neighbourhoods west of where I lived for ten years. I'm still getting used to the new landscape—we lost the subway line but gained a streetcar, which might be a step down (but might not be); we got a No Frills, which is thrilling to me; we gained a Portuguese bakery, which supplies the same amounts of cheesecake as Whole Foods but at a fraction of the price; etc, etc.

Our new house is up a hill, which is going to be a bummer for our friends who bike. And us, who also bike.

Our new house is up a hill, which makes the Toronto sky feel bigger than it's ever felt before.

Our new house has kind of a beach-cottage vibe, and since all the light fixtures are from the 1980s, it's sort of like hanging out in the same places I hung out in when I was nine: my grandparent's basement, my parent's as-yet-unrenovated cottage, and my friend's kitchens.

Our new house is silly with things that we haven't yet unpacked, including all our clothes, since, in our new house, there are no bedroom closets.

Our new house is a five-minute walk from the library, and I love that.

Our new house has a terrific bathroom mirror, which throws photo-shoot-worthy light

Our new house has a wee little backyard, with actual grass you can stand on and feel connected to nature.

Our new house has been totally stocked with books and movies, with luscious bedding and various moisturizers, with plants on the windowsills, and with our favourite tea mugs.

Our new house is starting to feel like our new home.

Ilustration from Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House