Wednesday, August 5, 2015


This has been a hard month, for a number of reasons: personal, emotional, financial, professional. I was gone for a week, away from all computers and technologies, and now I'm back. Oddly, instead of feeling recharged, my batteries still feel drained, and I'm not really sure why.

I'm going to take a couple weeks off from this blog. I want to recalibrate, ask myself some questions—why do I write for the internet? What types of content are okay, and which aren't? Who reads it? Why? What do I get out of it?—and see what kind of answers I land.

I'm not sure if this is me hitting a pause button, or pressing eject on the whole shebang. I'm not sure if it's the last few weeks talking, and after my little exile, feel better, but it does feels like it could go either way.

Image by Philip Ob Rey


  1. selfish but I hope this blog continues.

  2. Couple thoughts. I love to read the funny, thought provoking, challenging things that you write. You take so much care to organize your thoughts around a subject and to present a sound argument. You've given me much to think on and many lols. I also know that you live to write. So if it's not this blog, that's cool. but I imagine that you'll always be writing and sharing. At least I hope so!

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  5. I also want to chime in and say how much I've loved reading this blog. Ever since I stumbled across it, somewhat dubiously googling "what is the Williamsburg of Toronto", I've been touched by how honestly you've shared your struggles and your insights. This window into someone else's finding her way through life has given me perspective on my own growth. And it's been nice, as an expat, to stay plugged into what matters in Toronto :) All the best, and thank you, whatever you decide.