Saturday, October 12, 2013


Thank you to my parents, who are always there for me, and who encourage me to do weird, hard things because those things grow me.

Thank you to my siblings, who are a constant source of insight of my place in the world. You're so much like me, and so not, that it blows my mind.

Thank you to my boyfriend, who loves me in a way I've never been loved before. You make me feel all the feelings. 

Thank you to my friends, who keep me sane in times of uncertainty. And, often, fed. 

Thank you to my various bosses and editors this year: you've given me work and exposure.

Thank you to my therapist, because we're working some shit out this fall, and it's like mucking out the emotional stables except with more swearing.

Thank you to my pregnant friends, for helping me crystallize what I want and what I don't want.

Thank you to the doctor who told me I could have kids. That was a huge weight off my shoulders.

Thank you to people who put stuff out on the curb: I get so much of my awesome stuff from you.

Thank you to my neighbours, who have confirmed that we're not crazy and our water pressure really is terrible.

Thank you to Lorde, who provided an alternative to Robin Thicke's grating "song of the summer."

Thank you to whoever discovered/invented/made up the paleo diet: because of you, I've lost 37 pounds and I feel like a different person.

Thank you to Plastik Wrap: I feel like a rock star in your clothes.

Thank you to Rob Ford, because you've demonstrated exactly why it's important to vote.

Thank you to this place, this planet, this time, and these people: you are exactly what I need, even if you're not always what I think I want. 

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