Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Run It

I've been running lately, and it feels good.

I have always been a reluctant exerciser. Yoga gives me a serious case of the eye-rolls, the heart monitors on the elliptical have me convinced that I'm going to die of a heart attack any minute, but running is soothing. 

Despite the fact that is basically garbage exercise - not cardio enough to make you fitter, and without the benefits of weight training - it does help me feel like I am "getting in shape," whatever that means. Plus, fall runs are basically the nicest way of getting outside - I'm getting to see the fall colours and enjoy the dusky light, and then I get to go home and eat green beans and sausages. 

I actually think the biggest gift these runs have given me, aside from the chance to spend more time with the bf, is a sense of athletic accomplishment. Our route is 3 kilometers. It takes about 20 minutes - I don't run at a race pace, but I can run the whole thing. It's mostly side streets and one really enjoyable slice of park, with some hills and some stretches ideal for sprinting. It's invigorating to get home from a run and feel, not exhausted or nauseous, but invigorated and ready for more. 

Combined with the paleo diet, it's like a whole new me is emerging: clearer skin, more energy, higher-quality poops. Living the dream, I am. 

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