Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wintertime, And The Living is Queasy

Writer's block. Is there a more painful thing for a scribe to encounter? Oh sure, the obvious answer is kidney stones - those are a sumbitch on the nether regions, from what I understand - but I am having a total whiteout moment over here, and it's killing me.

It's not just writer's block. Looking back over the blog, there's been no real theme (okay, yes, "myself" is a theme, but it's not one I'm necessarily proud of. Let's hear it for narcissism!); I don't focus on fashion, or music, or TV, food and drink, or the peculiar proclivities of 13-year-old fashion bloggers. Not having a specific niche is nice. I do get to enjoy both ragging on Chuck Klosterman - my inaugural blog post! - and giggling over high school theatre stars. On the other hand, it sort of makes it tough, because no real theme means I can write about anything. Sometimes, freedom from choice isn't all that awesome.

Anyway, I'm still in the middle of a run of serious winter blues, and had two (two!) weird let's-feel-faint episodes this weekend, so physically, I'm a little thousand-yard-stare these days. I'm having a hard time concentrating - especially on school, which is a bummer for a student with one semester left. All I really want to do is hole up in my apartment, order takeout and take baths, but I have obligations. School? Pshaw. Family? They live far! Friends? Meh.

See? Not a happy girl.

Please forgive my lack of awesomeness in this post, since there's a definite reason (writer's block, January blahs, orange-alert level probable dehydration...take your pick), and send positive vibes my way. Or, feel free to suggest topics, since I do love a Lois Lane-style assignment or two. And if you're out there feeling lonely and wintry and altogether like you've been dealt an unjustly low hand, take solace in the fact that I'm right there with you. And take solace that things can only really get better from here. The days are getting longer, you can buy sasparilla in your local corner store, and reading week is right around the corner. C'mon, babies: let's feel awesome together!

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