Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I love walking around town. Not for transportation - for that, I use my trusty (if slightly rusty) iron horse - but getting outside, especially during these blowsy, sexy fall days, is such a treat. It's almost like we have to save up some of this outdoorsy time for February, when it'll be mostly cabin fever and wet feet.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite times of year. Brisk at night, balmy during the day, with the added enjoyment of not sweating though all my clothes every single day. Jackets! Little chapeaux! Boots! I mean, I've sworn allegiance to the mighty flippy-floppies like a good university student, but since I found a pair of Frye boots on the sidewalk a couple months ago, I've been longing for a season in which to wear them. You can't wear to-the-knee leather boots in August. It's revolting.

So yeah: fall walks. I was in Niagara Falls last weekend, staying at the totally airless Embassy Suites. The only saving grace - aside from the admittedly exceptional bath tub - was the walk down to the Falls themselves. Yeah, the whole areas is schlocky as all hell, but just being outside, in the mist, seeing the raw thunderous power of nature? Pretty sweet. That walk totally saved my ass from being full, bored, desperate for oxygen, and cooped up in a 42-story hotel where the only food came from The Keg or a ridiculously awful T.G.I.Friday's. Barf.

Last night, I got to go for a lengthy walk with a friend. I think we strolled between Bloor and College about four times (bank, music store, bar, etc.), stopped for some playground action, peed in some alleyways, and generally had a good old late-October time of things. This city is fun, yo. Plus, sushi will make you full; what better way to burn through some of that ride than a brisk walk?

In any case, I know that, soon enough, the weather will be deeply unpleasant. I'll spend even more time in bed, rolling around under the covers "reading" (read: sleeping) and trying to stay warm. Thank the Jesus man for duvets. And fall walks. And those gigantic bathtubs last weekend. Those things were off the chain, boy.


  1. For what it's worth, this is my favorite time of year as well. I love cycling and walking in the rain when it isn't too cold. I love the leaves on the ground. I love the organic-ness everywhere you look. I love the feel of the air.

    It makes me miss Vancouver, where it feels like this 8 months a year.

  2. Oh man. I would love a city that felt like this all the freaking time. I feel like this is why I love San Francisco a lot.